How to book an appointment?

Booking is done through our online booking page  

Do you sell hair?

We do not sell extensions for personal use. We do sell extensions for specific services.

Are extensions included with the service?

We sell extensions for specific services, fees are not included in the price unless otherwise stated.

Can I bring my extensions?

You are welcome to bring your extensions. Service prices remain the same for services that include extensions.

How do I prep my hair to be serviced?

You can book a wash with us, or, please come with your hair washed (24hrs or less in advance), blowdried, or properly stretched with zero to little products (we will add our own).

How long does my hair have to be to add extensions?

Our recommended length is 4" to avoid any damage to your hair ( tension alopecia) for extensions or any braided service.

Can I purchase products in-house?

You are welcome to purchase products in-house during your appointment. Please send us a request by calling or texting at (438)355-2583 to purchase products outside of an appointment slot to not disrupt another client's appointment. 

Should I book a consultation?

There are specific services that require a consultation before booking. Otherwise, we suggest booking a consultation if you have inquiries about your hair.

Do you offer sisterlocks?

We offer microlocs, similar to sisterlocks. Sisterlocks is a patented technique, as we have not taken a sisterlocks formation we are not sisterlocks technicians and cannot use this term. 

Which method do you use for locs?

The techniques we use for traditional locs are comb twist, 2 strand twist, braids, and interlock (not instant locks). The techniques we use for microlocs are micro twist, micro braids, and interlock.

What is the youngest age you service?

The youngest age we service is 3 years old ( must be able to sit for a lengthy period, and is comfortable with getting their hair done).

Can I book a service that is not on your booking page?

If there is a service you wish to have that is not on our list please send us a text at (438)355-2583 with a picture and the name of the service. We will inform you if this is a service we can or cannot offer.

Was there a price increase?

Price will increase without notice. Price increases as products increase and techniques enhance.

Why can't I see availabilities on the booking page?

If you do not see availability on our booking page it is because there aren't any availabilities left for that period or service. Our schedule opens up 2 months in advance, please book ahead of time to secure your preferred date and time. 

Do you still accept new clients? 

We are always accepting new clients, please book ahead of time as our schedule fills up fast.

Why are my calls not being answered?

We do not answer calls or texts when we are servicing other clients or outsides of business hours. Please send us a text with your information or try reaching us again at a later time.

What is the price of a "specific service"?

Head over to our booking page where information about pricing, the service, and availabilities are located. 

What are your availabilities?

You can find our availabilities for specific services on our booking page, please select the service and follow the steps to see our availabilities.

What is the difference between a trim and a cut?

The difference is the amount of hair that is being removed. There is no difference in price for the amount of hair that is being removed as the technique is the same. Price varies on the style of cut or the length of your hair.